Camping Treks in Nepal

Our camping treks in Nepal take you to remote areas where you’ll experience the grandeur of the Himalayas.

With porters to carry the gear, you’ll be free to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents that are only possible on our hiking and camping tour.

You will camp at the top of the top of the world, tucked into a comfortable tent, with a sleeping bag and foam pad. Meals are served outdoors or in a dining tent. In some locales a toilet facility will be set up outdoors.

Camping Treks are a bit more costly than Tea House Lodge Treks because they require extra porters to handle the food, cooking equipment and tents. Learn more about how we can customize a tour for your group.


Level: Easy
Duration: 3 Day Trek
Access: 2 hour drive
Starting Altitude: 1930 meters or 6370 feet
Peak Altitude: 2725m or 8,990 feet. 

Phoksundo Lake

Level: Easy to Moderate
Duration: 7 Day Trek
Access: 1 hour flight.  Next day 35 minute flight.
Starting Altitude:  2,370 m or 7,775 feet
Peak Altitude: 3370m or 11,120 feet. 

Rara Lake

Level: Easy
Duration: 7 to 10 Day Trek
Access: 1 hour flight.  Next day 35 minute flight.
Starting Altitude:  2,370 m (7,820 feet)
Peak Altitude: 3130m (10,330 feet). 

Guerilla Trek

Level: Moderate
Duration: 12 Day Trek
Access: 8 hour drive.
Starting Altitude:  1,180 m or 3,870 feet
Peak Altitude: 3900m or 12,870 feet. 

Tsum Valley

Level: Moderate to Difficult
Duration: 15 Day Trek
Access: 6 hour drive.
Starting Altitude:  570 m or 1,880 feet
Peak Altitude: 3700m or 12,210 feet. 


Level: Difficult
Duration: 16 Day Trek
Access: 7 hour drive.
Starting Altitude:  960m or 3,170 feet
Peak Altitude: 5630m or 18,580 feet.