Private Custom Tours of Nepal

All Green Dream tours are tailored to your group’s interests. We work with you to ensure that your private custom tour of Nepal will be a rich and rewarding experience.

Although any combination of activities is possible, our tours focus on trekking and cultural education. You’ll visit the most important religious temples of Kathmandu and learn about the Nepali language, culture and religion from experts in the field.

Other activities include a walking tour of Kathmandu. And, we’re proud to offer a rare experience not available to most tourists — an authentic, traditional dinner at the home of a Nepali family (our founder’s hosts during his study abroad program).

Add-on excursions:

  • white-water rafting
  • a jungle safari
  • mountain biking
  • waterfall rappelling
  • day hikes
  • visit to a small Himalayan town
  • and more

To get the most out of your custom tour of Nepal, we recommend traveling in small groups of up to 12. Our trips have included one or two couples, families and groups of friends.

The Green Dream Difference

The majority of visitors to Nepal come  to experience the majestic beauty of the Himalayan Mountains. However, most do not learn much about the country, its culture and people.

The goal of our tours is to give you a well-rounded experience,  one that provides a window into the traditions, politics, history and daily life in this fascinating region.

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